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Warning Signs for Considering a Basement Waterproofing Project

When Do You Need to Contact a Knowledgeable Waterproofing Contractor?

Most homeowners know basements are prone to high humidity, leaks, and flooding in general. Due to the fact that they are located underground and because of the lack of natural light, this is an environment vulnerable to all moisture-related problems. Obviously, you should do something about it. Hiring a skilled waterproofing contractor seems like a smart investment. What are the indications showing the need of his services?

  • Puddles that don’t seem to dry out, ever. Do you see water and extensive moisture everywhere in your basement? How are your walls and floor to the touch? If you see small puddles here and there, or water is seeping in through the walls, seams, and ceiling, the situation is pretty serious. You have to plan a project to protect your property by waterproofing your basement.

  • Cracks and other defects. As they say, water doesn’t destroy by force but by its persistence. If your plumbing system is old and leaking, the constant humidity in your living place will lead to massive destruction. You will see cracks and other visible defects on the walls and flooring. You should not leave this issue untreated, specialists advise, otherwise, you compromise your home’s structural integrity.

  • Strong musty odor. The foul odor in a basement is another clear indication of an urgent waterproofing project. The smell is actually pretty distinctive, it smells unhealthy and dank. It is even difficult for you to breathe. You should not delay and call an expert right away.

  • Windows and doors can’t close properly. Another consequence of excessive moisture and a sign of needing to take care of such an emergency situation as soon as possible. If the doors and windows can’t open and close as easily as they did before, call a specialist for an urgent inspection.

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