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What Are the Different Kinds of Masonry Design Work?

Masonry applies to any building which was constructed by binding materials together using mortar, which is a paste that is made from water, sand and cement. Numerous materials such as stone, marble, and brick can be used to create a masonry design. There are 3 kinds of masonry which will be used in different applications, all depending on the building that is being constructed.

Veneer masonry is made using various pieces, which will be placed around another structure. Usually, this kind of masonry work is done purely for aesthetic purposes. As the bricks which are used to create the veneer masonry aren’t generally waterproof, the structure which supports this work has to be able to withstand all the elements. Homes which have brick surfaces are usually built using veneer masonry.

Solid masonry as well, does not need any supportive structure. Walls which are made out of stone and brick are the result of this kind of work. Even though it is cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing, solid masonry will not withstand harsh weather conditions. And walls which were built this way will be destroyed in earthquakes.

Brickwork is the most common kind of masonry, as it is solid and pleasing. Brickwork is done by placing 2 layers of bricks to form a horizontal design. The outcome of this will greatly depend on the kind of brick used on the job. While some have a more modern look, others will have a more traditional appearance. This kind of masonry design is perfect for walls or buildings, which are meant to stand the test of time.

Ambitious DIY enthusiast can do masonry projects only with the aid of some expert advice beforehand. This advice can come from the Internet. For bigger jobs, however, it is advisable to hire a professional that specializes in this kind of work. These professionals can be found again on the Internet. Bear in mind, though, the kind of masonry you need to use, greatly depends upon the project you want to do.

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